Oriental Rug Cleaning

As soon as your rugs enter our facility, our highly-trained and skilled technicians will carry out the Oriental rug cleaning procedures along with the nine major steps. We have always been transparent with our cleaning procedures. You can see this for yourself by visiting our plant in Fort Lauderdale or by viewing the videos on website. When we say quality cleaning service, there is no room for compromise. We employ the task carefully and efficient so that you can enjoy the final result.

When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs, utmost care is a must. These textiles are delicate and thus require special cleaning techniques that are suitable to their origin and craftsmanship as well as the materials and dyes used in the manufacture. Owners of oriental rugs must then select a service provider that can give the rugs the best cleaning and care possible. Only a reliable company such as Oriental Rug Cleaning Fort Lauderdale can guarantee topnotch cleaning service for all oriental rugs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Fort Lauderdale properly cleans all oriental rugs through a tried and tested method: hand washing. The expert technicians do everything by hand, from the dusting to the drying. Doing the cleaning by hand is the best way to maintain the quality of the oriental rugs.