About Us

For 27 years, we never seize to provide excellent service to both old and new customers in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties. From day one, we had a vision to create the finest approach in cleaning all types of rugs.

In 1986, William Thornton made a leap to engage in the rug cleaning business. He is currently the Vice President of ARCS, known as Association of Rug Care Specialists. This organization was formed by the prominent members of the rug care and cleaning society who are all passionate to educate rug care specialists as well as raise awareness among consumers.

Operating with just a few workers then, our company engaged in all types of trainings and conferences that enhanced our knowledge and skills in the field of rug care and maintenance. Upon learning about the rich and colorful history of rugs, we can conclude that caring for rugs is one way of respecting the culture and ingenuity of our elders. From the certificates we have gained and education we have absorbed, we are proud to say that we can clean just any type of rug from the 11th century to 21st century.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Fort Lauderdale is known as the best rug cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our 5,000-square foot facility is where our excellent and quality services are performed. Ever since we started, Oriental Rug Cleaning Fort Lauderdale has been committed to providing the residents of Fort Lauderdale with exceptional service for their oriental rugs. We stay true to this commitment up to this very day. Moreover, we see ourselves growing and it is our desire to extend such services to other places in Florida and eventually to the entire state.

Oriental rug cleaning and repairs are our expertise, and our team of specialists are more than willing to provide the service you need. They are properly trained for the skills required and the correct methods of doing the job. Our team is educated on oriental rugs and you can be sure that your rugs are in good hands.