Dry Cleaning Rugs

Our method of dry cleaning deviates from the usual steaming process. We believe that water is an important tool in dry cleaning rugs. This is to aid in the elimination of dirt and dust particles. Thus, we employ nine steps in rug cleaning. Among these steps, the drying stage takes the most time because two steps are to be undertaken. One is with the use of equipment that produces dry warm air and the second is by hanging the rug in a room that collects all the moisture from the rug. We make sure that the rug is thoroughly cleaned and dried by the end of the process.

Hand washing is an ideal method for rug cleaning. This technique works well as it thoroughly removes all dirt and soil without causing damage to the textiles. However, there are some rug types that are too fragile even for hand washing. Silk rugs are the perfect example: because their fibers are more delicate, the only method suitable for them is dry cleaning. For this kind of service, the help of Dry Cleaning Rugs Fort Lauderdale would be necessary.

When it comes to dry cleaning delicate rugs, people should only trust service providers that are truly experts in the field. Dry Cleaning Rugs Fort Lauderdale is an established name in the business because they truly know how to properly dry clean rugs and make them look and feel as new again.